Friday, May 13, 2011


SATURDAY, 5/7/11
Got inspired over the weekend to try to do a full 7-days of exercise. Got out Saturday night to run some and quickly realized that my legs still don't do great running two days in a row. (Maybe after 7 days?) Did a quick warm-up walk, ran for 20 minutes or so, then did about 20 minutes of walking afterward. Would have liked to do the normal 30 min. run and come inside, but more cardio probably doesn't hurt me too bad, right?

SUNDAY, 5/8/11
Happy Mother's Day! Instead of lounging at home Sunday afternoon with the mother of my children, we packed up our car and went to Lufkin to be with our families. You know what
means? Well it means no running, that's for sure! We stayed at my parents' Bed & Breakfast out in the woods so there was no option for late night running!

MONDAY, 5/9/11
Spent Monday night at Kristen's moms, so got out for a run. Did a full hour of running and walking. Tried to mix it up. Felt good, but can feel my willpower slipping. Keep
making excuses for bailing on my planned distance.

FRIDAY, 5/13/11
Did a 43 minute run! BOOM!


Liz said...

Ok, first of all, 43 minutes! Way to go!!!!

Second, how long does this make that you've been working out/running? Are you getting close to the 1 yr mark? Good job!

Third, what? Your parents own a B&B? How cool is that?!