Friday, April 15, 2011


SATURDAY, 4/9/11
31 minutes (Galloway). Ran the whole route backwards. Because I'm a rebel.

Running sucks.

TUESDAY, 4/12/11
Really was supposed to run Monday night, but it didn't happen. The kids went to bed late and I needed to crash after a pretty long day. Knowing that Tuesday was nutty, too, I decided to take advantage of going to bed early on Monday and wake up early. Did a long walk, then a 30 minute run, then some another long walk. Fortunately, I was up early enough to take such a long time!

THURSDAY, 4/14/11
Another upside to cancelling practice on Thursday is I get to run at a decent hour (and I'm not exhausted my musicians. Whew!) I kid, I kid.

We were in Lufkin on Thursday night for some early Easter celebrating so I got in the neighborhood and ran a little. Did 33-minutes total on Galloway. Took a full three-minute walk break at 27 min. and kicked off in the hope of doing a full hour. However, I saw some of Kristen's family out for an evening walk and just killed it at 33 minutes. I don't think I could have done the hour anyway. I opted to keep the giant hill in my route and my right leg was not up for the party.

FRIDAY, 4/15/11
Normally don't do two days in a row, but since I ate like a crazy man on Friday, I figured it probably wouldn't hurt. Did 10 minutes of walking, 20 minutes of running and 10 minutes walking to finish it out. Shorter than normal, but legs were being stupid.