Monday, March 21, 2011


Finding inspiration can be tough. There are days when we don't have the energy or the creativity or the desire to lead worship. We don't want to plan it, read about it or even give one thought to it.

There are some basic answers to the no-inspiration blues - make sure you're spending time with God and reading His Word. Spend some time with folks who keep you accountable with honesty and love. But sometimes you need some outside support.

Since it's Monday, I'm betting some of you out there are fulling just that way. So, I thought I might throw a few reminders/encouragements your way. Maybe they'll help you get through your day!

  1. Remember that guy or girl who changed worship leading for you? Maybe it was a youth pastor or a friend - that person who handled the worship of God in a way that took you by surprise. Observing them was a huge part of why you followed God's calling to lead worship. And they may never know it.

    Well, guess what? There's a good chance that YOU ARE THAT SOMEBODY for somebody in your crowd. You may not know it, but they're watching and they're learning from your example. Lead them well!

  2. When God calls us to lead worship, He doesn't call us to fame. He calls us to obedience. It's okay that you may not have the most amazing current setlists or light systems or you use v-drums. None of that matters. What matters is your obedience...and you can totally do that!

  3. People love you. Not what you do. Oh, sure, there's probably a freak or two out there who is judging you week-to-week, holding your status as friend or foe in some sort of weird balance...but they're the minority. When you step up to lead, there are people out there who love you for you. They may like the songs or the room you're in or how well you play the keyboard, but they love you. Taking the stage on Sunday realizing that you're about to worship alongside people who love you and care about you makes a huge difference.
Maybe I'm throwing these encouragements into the wind...but I bet not.

I think there's probably a few of you out there who need to be encouraged today. I pray that God will give you all the strength and creativity you need today!