Saturday, August 02, 2008

INTER:VIEW - Clay Walker

INTER:VIEW is a new feature of Todd Blog where I interview my friends to showcase how rockin' awesome they are. According to the rules of INTER:VIEW, the interview post with the most comments will win a free guest-blogging spot in the future.

#1. Good morning.

Good morning, Todd.

#2. Thank you for your time. It's an honor to speak with you.

You bet. You're absolutely is an honor to speak to me.

#3. First off...the question on everyone's mind...How's The Beard?

The beard is doing fine. Thanks for asking.

#4. Any plans to tend it in any way?

Well...I tend to it everyday. I wash it, condition it, brush it. If you mean, "hey, are you going to cut it anytimesoon?", then my answer is a resounding, "no".

#5. Do you think it's sad that, after my Southern Gospel post, Rachel Fullen tried to distance herself from us?

I do think it's sad. However, I understand because she was brought out into the open at camp a couple of weeks ago. Ifind that some so-called fans of SGM are "closet" fans. When word gets out...those folks tend to back-peddle. I don't hold it against her, though.

#6. You've always been a "Gold City Quartet" man, correct?

Yes, I am a big fan of Gold City. In fact, my youth ministryin Crockett sponsored a Gold City concert back in 1998. It was fantastic.

#7. A lot of people don't know that you have a beautiful singing voice. In fact, years ago, you used to sing almost as much as you traveled to speak and do comedy, right?

Thank you, Todd. Yes, I do have a beautiful singing voice.It's quite fantastic. In high school I traveled quite a bit singing. Oh, those were the days...a jam box, accompaniment tracks of Ray Boltz, SCC, Steve Camp, Steve Green and Wayne Watson, an open road, a hot mic, and eager ears anticipating the smooth sultry melodic voice of a mid-pubescent teenager. I also had the opportunity to perform as the bass soloist withthe Dallas Symphony Orchestra as a freshman in college. If I'm not mistaken it was Carl Orff's Carmina Burana. Lots of fun.

#8. Do you support my theory that every youth pastor secretlywants to be a worship leader?

Yes. There are two reasons. The reason is that I findstudents do not react the same way to a sermon. I don't see hands "raising the roof" or enthusiastic orchestration of rushing the stage...unless I whip them into a frenzy with a good alter call.

#9. You know I based that theory on you, right?

Yes, I know.

#10. I also remember a picture circulating around at one point. That picture depicted you with a mullet. That's not areal picture, is it?

Oh, yes it is my friend. I sported the mullet and did so with honor. In fact, when I finally cut it off it was 11 inches in length in the back. It was beautiful.

#11. You were a rocker, huh?

Yes, I was. In high school I was quite the metal head. I loved AC/DC, Metallica, Slayer, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, and lots of others. I also had a love for the hairbands...Poison, Twisted Sister, and the like. My favorite band in high school was Def Leppard. Rick Savage, Rick Allen, Steve Clark, and my hero, lead singer, Joe Elliot. I wore acid washed jeans that were ripped to shreds, bandannas on mywrists, and torn shirts. Joe was my inspiration for the mullet. All of this is sad...but true.

#12. And yet, now, you love country music. What's wrong with you?

I was raised on country music. It's my roots.

#13. Early on in Brad Paisley's career, you were quoted as saying that Paisley would "save country music." Do you think that's happened?

No. I spoke out of line. He is good...I love his music. If country music survives all the pop-country crap, it will be because of Alan Jackson and George Strait.

#14. And lastly, why do you drive so fast? (Without a seatbelt...)

I drive fast so I can get to where I'm going more quickly than if I drive slow. I don't like seat belts because they are uncomfortable and they wrinkle my shirts.

A former mullet-wearing punk teenager who also traveled as a CCM-karaoke-singer who also loved country music and now races around town without a seatbelt on as it stares at his massive goatee. Doesn't that kind-of-guy deserve some comments?


david said...

if clay were to cut the beard, i think he should wait until it's 11 inches in length in the back.

Robert said...

Business in Front... Party in the back!

Come to think of it, isn't that Clay's life motto?

Artie said...

I don't like this picture of Clay because he doesn't have his big luxurious beard...

Johnny! said...

Now it's, "Party in the front, business in back."

Todd Wright said...

But Artie, wouldn't that be unfair to the other competition? I mean, a picture like that would cinch up the contest right now.

oldfart said...

OMG!!!... That picture TRULY scares me... I have no words.........................................................

Anonymous said...
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