Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Man of Integrity

Last year, the Vertical Music label released a live worship album entitled "Rooftops." They are songs from the Desperation movement - I'm not sure if that's like a conference or service or what, but whatever it is, it is a really good album.
Kristen was gone to Tyler tonight so Jonah and I went out for the typical dad/son meal - pizza. On the way, I turned on the Rooftops record and cranked it up. (I married a woman who is not a fan of loud things - talk about your match made in heaven.) Anyway, Jonah and I driving along and the song "Satisfy" comes on. Great song - great lyrics, great chords, beautiful flowing arrangement, the whole deal. And as I'm singing out loud, I'm thinking, this is where God has me right now. God is teaching me to find my satisfaction in him. To not worry about making a CD, to not worry about writing hit songs, to not worry about landing a full time gig somewhere - to just live in the provision of my Father.
I think Firewheel probably got my video today, and maybe that's why God is putting the idea of contentment in my head - I tend to get overly freaked out and nervous when a church calls.


You have provided me with everything I need
The longer I live, I see needs that I wasn't even aware of
continually met by You
You satisfy me....