Friday, December 03, 2010


MONDAY, 11/29/10
Finally got to run at night! Legs were not cooperating, but I forced my way to 30 minutes.

Yes, there was a little part of me that whispered, "Why not another 10 minutes, dude? You can do it!"

But I didn't listen to that part of me. That's the part of me that says other dumb stuff like go-to-bed-early or pick-those-socks-up-off-the-floor-before-Kristen-loses-her-mind. That part of me is so silly.

THURSDAY, 12/2/10
I don't know what happened between Monday & Thursday, but my legs were killing me for two days so I absolutely did not run. Figured I'd run through the any residual soreness on Thursday morning and headed over to the ROC to run. Haven't done the ROC in awhile, and while I would have preferred something more flat to test myself on, I didn't have time to drive all the way into town for a treadmill or flat trail.

I did just over 35 minutes and it was HARD. And for the first time in 31 weeks, I was immediately stiff and sore right after running. That weariness stayed with me all day, making me limp from place to place muttering "ooh" or "dang it" over a thousand times in a five-hour span.

Not sure where the soreness is coming from. I've ramped up just about everything regarding the running, so I guess it's possible my body could be slow to adapting to my new aggressive running accomplishments.

Another thing that's surprising me is that it's still hard. Every time I finish a 30 minute run (or longer,) I stand there thinking,

"Oh, no. How did I do that?"

It baffles me that in 90% of my runs, I want to quit the whole time. I feel a great sense of accomplishment when I'm done, but I still feel like every run is up for grabs.


Liz said...

Ok...gotta tell you. You inspired me this week. Don't know if you're reading on my FB wall that I've been working out again. I was on the treadmill one morning this week & the timer showed that I only had about 2-3 min left & everything in me was just "done". I was ready to get off & go home. But I thought about you & your running blogs...those moments where you said "I wonder if I can go 2 more minutes" I told myself to push through...and I did. :)