Thursday, December 09, 2010

10 Rare Things About My Wife

I'm not going to say that most of you will never see these things happen. There are a few of you out there who have experienced many of the rare and wonderful qualities of my wife.

And while she still surprises me after 12 years of marriage, I find great comfort in some of the more "secret" things I've come to know about her.

And so, 10 Rare Things About My Wife:

  1. She does great impressions. Now, when I say "great," I don't necessarily mean accurate. But they sure do make me laugh! Some of her best stuff is Cary Grant, any 1940's female film star and numerous country music singers. They still make me smile after all these years.

  2. She thinks she has a deadly disease and/or affliction about once every month. It usually goes like this: "Todd, my left shoulder hurts. Do you think it's a heart attack?" Or my personal favorite, "WHAT IF IT'S CANCER!"

  3. She has terrible luck. She can be making a meal that's she's made a hundred times but when the pressures on, she'll forget a key ingredient. She'll go to buy something special as gift for someone in our family and will inevitably get the one that's cracked along the side or is missing an important piece. If there's a specific strain of flu or some other sickness going around, she's gonna' get it. I've never gone gambling with her, but I expect that wouldn't go good either.

  4. She loves to sleep. Loves it. I happen to know that one of her dreams in life is to dedicate three days to no-obligation, sleep-as-much-as-she-wants, freedom. Even on those rare nights where she's out by 9pm, come morning, she's gonna' be begging for "just 10 more minutes."

  5. She's a great artist. Her little sketches and drawings are always amazingly specific and deep down, she's always dreamed of being able to do caricatures.

  6. She's humble. Go ahead - compliment her. She'll deflect that with the speed of Superman!

  7. She's the real deal. You can know this: when you're dealing with Kristen Wright, you're getting the straight truth. I don't mean she's one of those annoying I-say-whatever-is-on-my-mind people. (which is not attractive at all, by the way) You can know that when she's talking to you, she's not planning on what she's gonna' say next or second-guessing your intentions or indulging in personal insecurities. She's the real deal. Love her for this!

  8. She's funny. In most any room, she's three jokes ahead of the funniest guy there.

  9. She's quick. Her mind processes information and responses better than anybody I've ever known. She doesn't get flustered or intimidated. She's witty and smart. Thankfully, she almost always uses these powers for good.

  10. She's gracious. Kristen and I are in different in many ways, but the Lord knew what he was doing when He put us together. There's nothing that bothers me more than inconsideration. Rudeness and selfishness are my personal turn-offs. God gave me wife that is consistently and honestly gracious to those she's in contact with. She doesn't hold grudges. She doesn't work an angle or try to promote an agenda. And in situations where she doesn't even have to be gracious, she still is.
Well, hopefully I haven't give away too many secrets about my girl. She's an amazing wife and friend and I look forward to learning lots more about her!


Liz said...

What a sweet tribute to your sweet wife!