Friday, October 01, 2010


SATURDAY, 9/25/10
No gym.
Ran outside.

I've decided I'm only good for about three non-gym runs in a row. After the third outside run, I'm pretty sick of my neighborhood. But the gym is whole giant thing to pull off on a Saturday and we couldn't do it, so I got outside late Saturday night.

Did 25 minutes. Didn't enjoy it. The end.

MONDAY, 9/27/10
Hey, look at that. I didn't go to the gym and had to run outside again. GRRRRR.

However, since today actually felt like real, actual "fall," running at night was nearly as sweaty as it was this summer. And I guess I shouldn't complain because I did run 30 minutes, which has been my limit since I started. It was really hard; I'm fairly certain that I need to do 30 min. on my next run (probably Thursday) as well, but dang it, I don't want to.

I guess we'll see...

WEDNESDAY, 9/29/10
Got out there but only ran for just a bit. Spent the rest of the time walking around the neighborhood. It actually turned into a pretty nice little "prayer walk." After I was done, I realized that I need to that more often. I enjoyed praying for my friends and family and church. And hey...walking is way easier than running!

THURSDAY, 9/30/10
Finally made it to the gym. Tried not to push it since it had been awhile since I did one of the longer runs. Did 2.75 miles in about thirty minutes. Thought I might go a full forty minutes, but I was out of time and my legs were gone. Felt good to get the exercise. I miss it. (And need it!)

FRIDAY, 10/1/10
This post went live early Friday morning, but I had a late addition to the regimen! My wife and kids were out shopping on my day of course, I ran!

Since the weather was nice and I already almost four full runs in this week, I decided to take it easy. Ran a very slow pace for 20 minutes. I might not have done it, but I just got some new earbuds and I was dying to try them out with my iPod!