Wednesday, June 09, 2010


Another busy morning. Since Kristen has asked me to start Couch 2 5k over with her once we're back from vacation, I figured I'd just stick to something consistent. I've decided to try to stay at running at least a mile every time I run. (3 times a week, most likely.)

I think I'll be able to increase my distance eventually, but I'm not stressing it. Ran a little over a mile Wednesday morning. It went okay, but my legs were pretty tight the rest of the day. (Probably due to my mega-run fest on Monday. Lesson learned.) Would have liked to try to do another evening mile, but opted to take it easy instead.

THURSDAY, 6/3/10
Was pretty wiped out Wednesday night, but woke up feeling strong enough to run. Did my same thing - walk a few minutes, pound out a mile, then walk some more for cool down. I did the mile in about 10:30, which is better than I have been doing. I have this thing about ending a run on weird times, so I decided to run until my clock hit 11 minutes. By then, I was nearly to the top of the big hill in our neighborhood, so I added another minute to finish it out at 12:00 minutes.

Running a mile, outside, in the heat is a big accomplishment for me. I'd like for it to feel easier - it's still a hard run for me. I know it'll get better if I'll stay consistent. Right now, my goal is two miles. If I can knock out two miles, I'd feel like a real runner. I'm looking forward to our beach trip, but I'm betting I won't get any running time in for next week. Hope that doesn't set me back too far.

FRIDAY, 6/4/10
Finally, did another 17 minute run! Yes! Victory! Originally set out just to do my one mile, but felt like putting a little more work in. I'm noticing my stamina changing - since I run in my neighborhood, there are "spots" where I know what to expect; my legs usually start hurting on the next curve, the last street isn't shaded so I'll sweat more, etc. The last few runs...and especially this one...have been different. I'm getting tired later in the run and my breathing and strength are getting better. The problem with running 17 minutes is that I get back to the house and think,

"Why didn't I just do another three minutes and make it an even 20?"

But the reality is that I didn't have anything left after 17 minutes.

I am going to do this. I am going to be a runner. I will be averaging three miles each run by the end of summer. Believe it.

SATURDAY, 6/5/10
Leaving early Sunday morning to go on vacation, so I had to get a quick run in. It was already hot and sticky by 8, but I got out there anyway. Did 15 minutes of running, which was hard but not terrible. There was a garage sale in the neighborhood, so I had to alter my route so I wouldn't have to dodge 22 cars all fighting for parking along the curb. The different route put me on the hill three separate times, but a change of pace is good for running, I guess. Not planning on running Sunday, but who know? Maybe I'll dash up and down Rosemary Beach late Sunday night.

MONDAY, 6/7/10
Every one was exhausted from our Sunday night drive and the whole family went to sleep by 8:30. Which was great...until I woke up at 4:45 ready to go. I figured it was a rare enough chance - to be up that early and near the beach. So I ran on the beach as the sun came up. Which was very cool. I expected it to be harder than a normal run, and it was, but I'm glad I did it. I did about 12 minutes of running and then walked a good bit. It was a great start to the day.

TUESDAY, 6/8/10
Didn't do a morning run, but waited until the kids were asleep to run on the big scenic highway here called "30A." I had measured off a mile earlier in the day while driving around and decided to give it a shot. I did over a mile, but I was slow. This was due, in part, to how dark the running path was. I expected more streetlights, but I made it okay even in the dark. While I enjoy running at night, the problem is that I'm not running on an empty stomach. Morning runs are great because you feel so light and excited to start your day. Usually by night-time (for me, anyway,) I'm thinking, "I shouldn't have eaten that ham sandwich" for the whole run.

I ran for 13 minutes Tuesday night, walked a little, and then ran 5 more minutes. (To make up for the massive rice krispy treat I ate at 8:30pm.) Ugggh.