Friday, May 14, 2010

Ten Best Rerun Shows...

Thank goodness for syndication. I can remember a time where "reruns" were a rare thing that happened during the summer time when your best shows were on break.

Not any more. Now you can relive your absolute best television moments in the convenience of your own home. I'd like to count down my Top Ten Best Rerun shows. When I'm done, chime in with your own list.

Maybe it's a sign of my lack of true fanboy status, but in my mind, every single episode of this show seems like it was shot two years ago. And I love it. Is there anything more delightful than Bob Phillips laid back conversational style and that smooth acoustic soundtrack? And it's based in Texas, for crying out loud. I used to watch this show on Sunday afternoons while my parents napped before we went back to church and I can still see and smell the house I grew up in every time this show comes on. You think I'm kidding, but if they ever need a new host for this show, I want the gig.

When's the last time you caught a rerun of Cheers? Too long, right? Gosh, this show looked terrible. All dark and grainy...everybody was either glowing pale or as brown as the bar rail. But what a fantastic show. No wonder this thing was a hit. I'm partial to the earlier years (mostly because of "Coach"), but Kirstie Alley was most definitely the hotness.

Everybody's got their favorite episode of the Huxtable family. To me, this show got better and better with age. The whole husband-angle for all the girls and the introduction of Raven Symone added even more power to this show's iconic standing. This show was another collection of memorable scenes...heck, I bet you can remember your favorite Cosby Show scene right now, can't you?

7. RENO 911.
I was never able to "follow this show," but I do love the reruns. I'm always impressed that a cast that large can still allow each character to shine. Heck, anything with a dude in tiny shorts is funny, right? Right? Hello? Is anyone there?

Will and Grace I can do without. Just give me Jack, Karen and Beverly Leslie and I'm good to go. Watching this show was a clinic in comedic timing. The four leads were so physically and dramatically in tune with each other that even the most predictable lines somehow worked. You can hate me if you want, but there's not a much funnier character than Jack McFarland.


What is the deal with this show? How can that many spin-offs all be so great? Shouldn't one of them suck? The great thing about Law & Order is its timelessness. You can watch an old school show with Orbach and Noth and never even realize it was made 14 years ago. I love that the storylines have stayed fresh over the years and that the writers have worked at creating characters with depth instead of resorting to cliche.

4. ROB & BIG

I can't imagine how somebody convinced MTV to greenlight this show, but I'm sure glad it worked out. Finding an episode of Rob & Big on TV is like finding an extra $20 in your wallet. You just wanna' enjoy it! Fantasy Factory is good, but there's nothing like that Rob and Big Black combination. Dyrdek has to be one of the most positive, energetic folks in reality TV. The show was completely dumb, but hilarious. And that's why I'll watch it anywhere, any time.


One of the few non-sticoms in this list, West Wing is one of my favorite shows to catch in rerun. Primarily because I'm a hardcore fan and usually yell out "this is my favorite episode" no matter what the episode is. I think Aaron Sorkin wrote one of the smartest, touching television series we've ever seen. This show could garner laughter and tears in a matter of seconds. Don't know of any character that was miscast...this show deserved every accolade it got.


I heart the Heffernans, big time. There are three reasons why this is one of my top picks: Doug, Arthur & Spence. This show can always lift my spirit. It's one of the few sitcoms that I get lost in. Every time it ends, I'm suddenly surprised. "What? It's over? No! More silliness!" I lost interest in it toward the end when they got all serious about marriage and faithfulness and selfishness. The world's dark enough, CBS, why'd you have to go and ruin a hilarious show?


How can this not be every one's Number One pick? The great power of Seinfeld is that it consistently created memorable images. Sure, I can remember parts of Everybody Loves Raymond or LOST, but Seinfeld holds some other, more special power. Within seconds of finding the show, my mind is already preparing for the next punch line. Those shows are burned into our brains, somehow. Curse you, Jerry Seinfeld!


Liz said...

I'm hurt. You left Friends off the list. But you do have Seinfeld & Cheers, so I'll let it slide this time.