Thursday, March 11, 2010


Kids woke up at 6:45am. On a Friday. On Spring Break. Which is strange because for most of this week, Jonah has surprised us by "taking care" of Finley when they woke up early. On Tuesday, in fact, he made her breakfast and read a book so that "Mommy and Daddy can rest." Oh, well. It was good while it lasted. I got up with them - Jonah watched Pokemon while Finley played on Kristen's computer. We let Mom sleep in for a little bit.

Kristen woke up and played with the kids while I laid back down for just a few minutes*. After this very brief rest, Kristen and the kids piled into the bed with me. A little glimpse into the Wright family - this is one of our favorite things to do. We play "I Spy" or having staring contests or some other silliness. I realize my kids will grow out of that, but until they do, I'm going to enjoy their craziness as much as I can!

Spent most of the day around the house. Didn't really get out until later in the afternoon when we hit the gym. Fortunately, Jonah and Finley really dig the child care at the gym, which makes it much easier to get up and go! We drove to the gym and got our workout on! Kristen and I usually kick off in the "cardio cinema" where they play a movie while you exercise. A movie while I exercise? Yes, please! What's more - today's movie was The Dark Knight. I normally take my iPod in but on Dark Knight day, I ain't listening to nothin.' One fun part of this particular exercise session was when my iPod fell off the treadmill and went careening down the belt to slam into the floor.

After the cardio stuff, we did some weight training. Always fun to do my 10 lb. bicep work out while some 50-year old woman is across the room benching 250. Humility, kids.

From the gym, we headed toward the house with a stop at Braum's for some supplies. No, not ice cream. Real supplies for burgers! We came home, grilled burgers and popped in our most recent request of Netflix, a very cool kid-spy movie called "Alex Rider: Operation Stormbreaker." It was very cool. (Dad loved it, too!)

Got Finley to bed while Jonah played a little and then finally got him tucked in, although late. Hey, it's Spring Break after all! Goofed off the internet for a little while before heading to bed.

Yes, it was a very lazy Friday.

And it was good.

*"Just a few minutes" actually represents a substantial amount of time. However, for legal purposes, actual time will not be revealed in this post.