Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Two Cool Worship Events....

Both of these events will get promoted and passed around plenty in other formats, but I wanted to be sure and spread the word here, too.

Two cool worship events scheduled for next week:

  • NIGHT OF WORSHIP. I got asked to come and co-lead at a 'night of worship' with Tyler Christian Fellowship here in Tyler for next Wednesday, Feb. 17. Over the past year, I've enjoyed getting to know the guys at TCF and I'm excited to lead some worship over there alongside their team. I'm hoping that a ton of Bethel people will show up and worship with us. The event starts at 7pm and I think it's going to be very cool!

  • CONNECT. This is our big college worship event, scheduled for Friday, Feb. 19. This originally was a small event targeted just at Bethel young adults, but we decided to blow it up and invite every college kid in Tyler! This will be a neat thing for Bethel - it'll be held in our sanctuary and will have a decidedly more 'rockin' feel to the service. I've asked some musician friends of mine to come help me out and I think our young adults will dig it.
It looks to be a very crazy week, but for a worship leader, it's about the best kinda' week you can have.