Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Things That Might Surprise You...about me.

  • I don't have an iPhone. (Contrary to popular belief, owning an iPhone is not a prerequisite for being a worship leader. I actually use a Blackberry that was given to me by a friend.)

  • I don't drink coffee. What's more surprising? I don't even like the smell of coffee. (What's not surprising? I aggressively attack anyone who does enjoy coffee.)

  • I do not run marathons. Wait...that doesn't surprise you? WHAT?

  • It bothers me that I don't have many YouTube subscribers.

  • The music of Bob Fitts, Stephen Curtis Chapman and Paul Baloche inspired me to pursue music, and eventually, worship.

  • I love writing songs but put way too much pressure on myself.

  • There are very few songs by Hillsong that I enjoy.

  • I would love to write a hit country song.
Your turn...what would surprise ME about YOU?


Shelly Conn said...

That we really hate you.

Kidding, Kidding!!
Let me see.... Robert is the only guy I have ever held hands with.
When I was little I loved to play cops with my cousins and we would get old tea bags and pretend it was bags of drugs and arrest people.

Anonymous said...

1. I really want to live on a farm/ranch out in the middle of nowhere and work the land as my job.

2. I thought I had subscribed to your YouTube channel, but apparently I hadn't. Hmm. That has been remedied.

3. It bothers me that you don't have many youtube subscribers.

4. I love all styles of music. Smooth Jazz to classic jazz. Metal to Country. New Age to spanish style music such as Tejano or Cuban.

5. I have an interest photography; however, have never pursued it or the equipment necessary.

6. I would love to be the subject of a hit country song. Can I be your inspiration?

7. I worked at Brookshire's for 11 years, and left the company in 2000.

8. I wish Texas was still a country.

9. I'm a tight wad. My first question is how much did it cost.

10. I am going to shave my head if the Longhorns win the National Championship on Jan. 7th.