Sunday, November 22, 2009


Because of Women's Minstry Event on Thursday night, we didn't rehearse and opted for the 8am run-through. This was a gamble as we had Bruce McMinn only on his 2nd week of drumming and Jason and Susan Hyde on their 2nd time to background vocals. (All three did a fantastic job, by the way.)

I'll the songs in order and then talk about the differences between the 9:30 and 11:00 sets.

This is a new Baloche tune off of Glorious. When I first heard this tune, the groove didn't sit well with me. I was ready to write it off, but that delayed electric part was too powerful to ignore. I was glad to have Kirk Bozeman on one of the electrics today because Kirk dominates when it comes to delay. We did it as Song 1 while folks were walking in, so it's hard to tell what's what. We'll bring it back next week and see what happens!

I'm all about Don Poythress. This tune from the Wash Away record is so strong. It amazes me that such a simple song can be so powerful in a group of people.

We haven't done this Charlie Hall tune in months, but I personally thought it was the high point of the set. Bruce nailed the hi-hat/snare intro and tune rocked harder than it probably ever has. Dave Smith's lead break was great. Most of you know that Charlie's version usually has a pretty wet nondescript slide part. I like that slide part, but Dave's chorusy/wah lead was perfect.

Second week to do this Jared Anderson tune. I let Jason and Susan carry this one and they did a great job. Both of them have wonderful voices and I'm looking forward to hearing them sing more. A few weeks ago, Elizabeth suggested we alter the order because the song really is long. I wanted to give it another full pass, but she's right. As that song gets more time, we've gotta' mix it up to keep it fresh. (...doing the song exactly like the CD nonstop-without fail is a really, really boring way to lead worship.)

We had planned to do a mellow version of this Billy and Cindy Foote song. We ran out of time in both services. I'd still like to bring it back, but I didn't miss it too bad today.

The Breakdown: our first set was pretty clunky. I think nerves were a factor for some of us and it just didn't groove the way it needed to. Overall first service was still good...the band didn't tank, but I think it felt a little out-of-control for us. We didn't feel like we had command of the songs and could focus on the interplay between instruments. Second set was stronger. Transitions were better. However, I think the crowd from first service was a bit more engaged. (This tends to happen when a church begins pushing it's members to an earlier service. First service will be comprised of your faithful people who are going to jump into worship quicker and second service will be more folks just checking you out.)

I'm excited about this week. We've got a Tuesday practice and we're going to break out some Christmas music!