Friday, November 13, 2009

Review Week (#5)

This week, I'm reviewing an album each day. I've recently come across quite a few good projects and I want to spread the word.

Needtobreathe - THE OUTSIDERS
I'll admit that I haven't given this record enough study. Unfortunately, other CDs have taken up my listening time this week.

But I have listened enough to appreciate what a strange departure this record is. If you've listened Needtobreathe in the past, you'll understand that their records have always come across a little scattered. This isn't necessarily a bad thing - but most of us are conditioned to expect and overall "feel" when we buy a major label record. In the past, the band has delved into deep-South gospel, modern rock/pop and even modern-day worship.

The Outsiders is really none of those. In fact, it's almost a country album. Harmonica and steel and honky-tonk piano abound. At first, I thought it might a funny introduction, but more and more tracks keep the Americana aspect alive.

The great thing is that I love country music! There are a few really cool tracks on this record..."Lay Them Down" is a perfect Christian concert sing-along and "Stones Rushing Under Water" has some great imagery. "Prisoner" comes off feeling like a live version of a Moby track, but it's soulful and focused enough to land on pop radio.

If you're willing to take a weird ride through rock-meets-country Christian pop, give this one a try.


Robert Conn said...

The first thing I thought of on "Prisoner" was Moby's "Run On".

That's why I love it.