Wednesday, November 04, 2009

I'm A Sucker...

...for conspiracy theories.

I just finished a documentary entitled 911 - In Plane Site and I had a few observations.

First off, this is a poorly made film. The production quality is okay, but continuity get pretty laughable. It's hosted by a radio talkshow host named Dave vonKleist, who doesn't seem to possess much in the way of on-screen personality. (Face for radio, anyone?) In quite a few segments, vonKleist's hair seems to vary in style and length. The lighting is also pretty poor and it seems like there's no makeup involved in the shoot. Those aren't that large as problems go, but in an age where most films have at least some level of production quality, it can be pretty jarring when a film doesn't.

This documentary asks great questions. It does not, however, offer many answers. I'll be honest - the only thing about 9/11 that's ever really baffled me has been the Pentagon. This film does a great job of compiling evidence that contradicts the story that a plane hit the Pentagon. It's compelling...especially for a guy as suspicious as me!

The other stuff is not as impressive, but I do, in fact, have some sick fascination with conspiracies. I guess if you share my love for that stuff, you'd like it. I did appreciate the absence of overtly "liberal" positions in this movie. I expected something more leftist, and was grateful a surprisingly unbiased project. I recently had 6 or 7 documentaries come through Netflix and I'm now in mob movie phase. Hopefully, I can get to some comedies soon!