Saturday, September 19, 2009


10 Things I Want To Do As An Old Man

  1. Show up at church one Sunday and totally rock an overdriven guitar lead during worship. (Come on...would you not PAY to see that happen at your church one day?)

  2. Growl at somebody at least once each week.

  3. Write sci-fi/fantasy books. You think I'm playing.

  4. Sleep as late as my body can stand it.

  5. Go with Kristen to watch movies in the middle of the afternoon.

  6. Become the oldest living vlogger. think I'm kidding.

  7. Keep writing songs.

  8. Be a blessing to my kids.

  9. Buy my wife jewelry.

  10. Own more books.
What about you?
What are '10 things' you'd like your life to be when you're old?
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Melissa Lee said...

This is out little secret...but Kristen hopes you die at an early age so the four of us can move in together a'la Golden Girls.

So you can wish in one hand and...

Name Withheld to Protect Blanche