Monday, September 21, 2009

Day #1 of the new song project. I'll be heading over to Kirk Bozeman's "studio" this morning to work on scratch acoustic and vocals for the song.
Not expecting it to take a real long time, since staying dead on the click isn't quite so essential in this first-pass phase. However, Kirk and I probably will spend a little time talking through arrangement ideas and getting that form down on paper and in the computer.

The next phase will be primarily Kirk's. At this point, we're planning to utilize loops and programming on the drum end. The ideal, of course, would be a live kit, but there are a few challenges to recording a full drum kit in an apartment.
We have a few live drum options in our back pocket, so we'll just see our drums are feeling after phase two.

Hopefully by tonight, we'll have a quick vlog update on the process so you see how the first session went. You can always find those vlogs over at the YouTube channel.

Thanks for following along.
Let's hope this song gets used in churches near and far!