Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Well, it's finally here!

David Crowder*Band's brand new release, "Church Music" releases today and fans far and wide are digging into it.

But some of you may still be considering the purchase. Would a review help you in your decision? It would? Well...lucky you.

I am very pleased to announce the return of the ToddCast. Oh's a podcast. Named after me.

Last week, Justin Romack and I sat down at our computers and talked a good 20 minutes about this record and we'd love for you to check it out! We had a good time analyzing this record and it's been a good CD to discuss among friends.

So click the pic and start listening!


Robert Conn said...

Great Toddcast.

I'm digging the CD. I usually begin every Crowder CD thinking, "That's crazy" only to eat my words a few weeks later when it all grows on me.

I say kudos for a group who can continually recreate music (that I'm sure they dig) and press us all to move forward in our own tastes and interests.

Not every song will work as official "Church Music" on Sunday morning. But since when has ANY Crowder CD worked 100% on Sunday morning?