Sunday, July 26, 2009


  • I'm sorry, but Louisiana grosses me out.

  • Why does the pay-at-the-pump never work for me when I'm on vacation?

  • And why is there always some elaborate fix that I have to perform? The lady at the register is all, "Okay, go back out there and punch CANCEL, then PAY INSIDE, then pump your gas, then press CANCEL ENTER 9. Then come back in and get your card back."

  • Drove past a random cop on standing on the side of the road pointing the radar gun at us. Man, I hope somebody's making him do that. 'Cause if you're out there on your own, your life is pretty sad.

  • Decided to give the show DARK BLUE a shot. I'm going to give it a few weeks, but man, the dialogue is forced.

  • Other TV news...Hell's Kitchen is already back on? HEAVENS YES!

  • Bee Movie is still a funny movie.

  • Vacation highlights that I wasn't able to vlog: my wife's spot-on Garth Brooks impersonation and watching her have two laughing attacks in one week!