Tuesday, June 09, 2009

(LIST)...Keith Urban

I've made no secret of long-running appreciation and devotion to Keith Urban. This isn't news to anyone...however, I recently got the chance to finally dig into the new record, Defying Gravity. So I figured I'd share the (LIST) that's been running through my head as I've listened to it.

  • You think whenever Keith Urban shouts that high "whoo" during the guitar breaks he's really saying I-AM-AMAZED-BY-MY-AWESOMENESS? 'Cause I am. That guy should be shouting. Because he's awesome.

  • This guy writes great songs. But he also benefits from some of the coolest production quality around. Keith Urban records are headphone gotta' get all up in the Kool-Aid to appreciate their complexity.

  • Related...good production helps to cover some of Urban's redundancy. On this album alone there are two songs w/ the same guitar riff. Good production and a one-note change can work wonders.

  • There's a quality to Urban's music that is somehow missing in worship music. I'm not sure what it is...Urban's music is powerfully emotive, his melodies are really unique and there's always a broad range of influences in his songs. I wonder if a worship team could benefit from Urban's work without being too derivative.

  • There's a guitar solo on this record that would make Lincoln Brewster cry.


Brian Boatman said...

Can't wait to see this monster play live at American Airlines Center July 11th with my beautful wife. She's been bouncing off the walls since we got the tickets.

I've loved his playing since the Golden Road CD. Check out "'Til Summer Comes Around" on the new CD. Absolutely hypnotic. Also his playing with Brad Paisley on Brad's "Play" CD... Telecaster Heaven!

Dave said...

Have you heard "The Ranch" CD? It's before he went solo. One of my faves