Wednesday, June 24, 2009


  • Lately, I'm enjoying "vlogging" much more than "blogging."

  • You know what's fun? When you've already scheduled to take your car in for some maintenance and then when you get in to go, it's already dead. NICE.

  • My mom gave me 20 bucks. Can't decide if to go see Transformer or buy another pair of shoes.

  • Bought two new worship records by Don Poythress and Glen Packiam. Haven't been able to spend much time with them, but I'm excited to hear 'em!

  • I've got a really cool new song. The only problem is that all I have written is an intro and half of verse 1.

  • I've got about 28 different ideas for worship videos, articles and podcasts. Just no time!

  • I love that Tyler churches truly do believe in and encourage each other. Of course, I think Bethel is the best church in the universe, but I really dig the whole vibe of ministry in Tyler.

  • Jonah and I have discovered a new show called "Destroy Build Destroy." It's awesome. (And it's hosted by Andrew W.K. Which is a little weird.)

  • I need some gigs.

  • Thank you. That's all.


Maggie said...

My brother and dad love the show Destroy Build Destroy! :)