Friday, November 14, 2008

Skribit Friday....

The last few Skribit suggestions have been rather weird. Sorry, all you anonymous submitters but they've kinda' freaked me out a bit. I'm afraid my answers won't quite live up to your expectations, we go anyway!
#1. Virtual Rehearsal.

This is a great idea, but pretty hard to pull off. I'm still trying to figure out who submitted this one. I bet it's one of my Bethel team trying to get on YouTube. Glory-hounds.

If we ever did one, I probably wouldn't do it live, simply because a one-shot production probably wouldn't provide much in the way of resources. If I decided to do a virtual rehearsal, I'd probably shoot it with at least two cameras, then edit w/ some narration mixed in with the live stuff.

It's a cool idea...I'll do one someday, I promise!
#2. Russell Martin leading at FUMC Lufkin.

Wow, this one was strange. Not sure what the questioner was looking for, but my thoughts are:

Um, good for Russell?

I don't know Russell personally, but I did hear that his service in Lufkin went great. (Heard the worship team did a great job.)
#3. The YouTube video with the conservative black guy.

That guy's video got a lot of hits. I watched a couple of minutes of it, but to be honest, I didn't finish it. So I can't really offer anything.

I seem to remember that he was wearing a trendy hat. Most of you know that I have issues with men wearing trendy hats, so that could be part of the reason I turned it off.

#4. Less spike in hair.
Oh, that - I'd like to say that it has been unintentional, but that's not true.

You see, like Samson, I draw my worship leading/songwriting/blogging power from the length of my hair. Up until this point, I've kept my hair short so as to protect the people I love from my Awesomeness.

But since I'm in a new town, I've decided to grow my hair really long, unleashing the full weight and measure of my abilities on the unsuspecting people of Smith County. In the end, its might will kill us all...but it will an amazing sight to see.
Thanks for shooting stuff to Skribit, gang! I love to see this stuff...however, I'd love it if you SIGN IT! You don't have to sign up for a Skribit account or anything; just type your name at the end of your question. Try'll make you feel good.


Leslie said...

Sorry Todd... I hit "vote" on the newest Skirbit question posted, assuming it would allow me to choose which direction I wanted to vote (that would be NO, or, if there was a category offered, THIS IS A STUPID QUESTION) but all it registered was "voted." Don't know what that means but just wanted to let you know that's not what I hoped would happen!