Friday, October 10, 2008

My Friday...

I had an official "My Friday" post already to go, but the fact is that Jonah and I did something so cool today that it was a natural replacement for my typical post.

Jonah and I have been thinking/dreaming/plotting a giant Nerf War with his friends. Last night, we added a couple of new guns to our arsenal and decided to break them in today.

After a rousing game of shoot-daddy-with-as-many-darts-as-possible, we decided to get creative.

And this is what happened...

Nerf Battle! from Todd Wright on Vimeo.

We had a blast. Although you'd be surprised at how much footage it takes to make a 1 minute movie!


Robert Conn said...

Do you feel lucky punk? Well do you?

Great video!

Angela said...

I loved the video and I don't even have audio! I can't wait to watch it at home.

Todd Wright said...

Jonah loved it because the opening audio file sounds like 'Optimus Prime.'