Friday, September 12, 2008

My Friday

Woke up at 7 to take care of Finley. I let Kristen and Jonah sleep in...knowing I would could my chance for some day-off rest once they got up.

Finley watched some Dora while I ate a nice, healthy breakfast of chocolate pop-tarts and milk. (If only I hand't finished up the chocolate milk on Thursday night!)

Jonah woke up around 8 and Kristen let me sleep a little, too! It was so nice.

Once everybody was up, we lounged around the house, not doing a whole lot. Cartoons were watched, emails checked, breakfast shared, all that jazz.

We all ate lunch kinda' randomly...a sandwich here, a hot dog there, then all get ready to head "into town." (I'm glad I still live out of actual town, just like we did in Lufkin. Because I can say "Let's go to town!" and I sound like somebody from Little House On The Prairie. Not that I watch Little House, mind you.)

I know Tyler is big and all, but the traffic just blows my mind. I mean, are we really SO big that the intersections are filled every day, all day? Tyler any theories? So, we wade through traffic and hit up Target.

We get the kids in the buggy and walk toward the flashlight display. You know, so we'll have light in case Ike rips across Texas destroying homes and lives and trees and rivers? When all of a sudden, we see a camera dude filming the flashlight display. No doubt wanting that perfect shot of dozens of flashlights flying off the shelves. That's some good B-roll, right there.

Except no one will walk up there. Because who wants to be on TV, right?

I'll tell you who...ME.

I walk up there, grab a pack of flashlights and then face the camera and invite all of the Tyler area to morning worship services at Bethel Bible Church this coming Sunday. They probably won't put that in the news story though. Leftist, liberal media!

After Target, we headed back home. Finley fell asleep in the car. We laid her down, Jonah went to the play room, Kristen unpacked groceries while I watched football. (Kidding about the football. Only losers like football.)

While Finley slept and Jonah played, Kristen and I mounted our TV on the wall. We usually do pretty good at stuff like this...mainly because Kristen does all the work and I hand things to her. Believe me...we've tried it the other way around and it that never ends well.

Once the TV was mounted, Finley got up from her nap and we got ready for supper. We had supper, then bathed the kids. They watched The Spongebob Movie and then went to bed. Both went to sleep pretty fast...lots of playing outside today, I guess.

Kristen was out before 10pm and I went to bed not long after. No late-night for me, tonight. Too tired.

...praying for my Lufkin peeps. Hate to say "hunker down," but, you know...



ross said...

That's a good Friday! -lots of variety and frolicking. You even had a Little House reference... not bad.

Shelly Conn said...

Sounds like a full day. I glad to here you guys are staying true to Target.