Saturday, November 11, 2006

Sent Ross an email tonight pretty much saying, "Let's do this record, my man." I don't actually call Ross King "my man." I don't really call anybody "my man," although it does seem nice. If I call anybody "my man," I don't think it would be Ross King, because - truth be told - I've never met him.

Wait, I take that back. I did meet him a few years ago when he played in Lufkin. Lance walked up to him and said, "Ross, this is the guy who's coordinating the music for Sullivan's Flaw." Ross shook my hand and something nice, I think. (Do you underline plays? I know you underline books and do newspapers in italics, but I can't remember plays. Love to know your thoughts on that one.

Hopefully, I'll hear from Ross in the next couple of days and he'll let me know the process of recording. As some of you know, we've raised about $3000 for the CD, which is nice, but not enough. The plan is to begin working on it while we're raising money. Worst case scenario, I tell Ross I'm out of money and we put the thing on hold until my cash situation is better.

Nonetheless, I'm very excited about this, guys. I think I've got some strong songs to offer and I can only hope there's more and better songs somewhere inside me. I'll keep you guys updated.

In closing, please go check out the worshipnotes blog. (See link to right.) I'm really excited to some worship related dialogue happen.

Oh yeah, my Clear Lake gig at Pineywoods went really good. I've got a great group of guys playing for me and I'm honored to share the stage with them.