Monday, November 13, 2006


Took the day off. Even in a normal week, Sundays kick my tail, but the added work of FIND, our big scavenger hunt left me feeling a bit run-down.
I slept late (eight-ish,) played with the kids, watched TV, ran to the bank, bought groceries...did the whole day off thing. Of course, there were like 20 productive things I could have done today, but I opted for some relaxation instead.
One highlight of the day had to be Jonah's request that I fix him peanut-butter and jelly toast with pickles on the side. Not as easy to make as one might think, my friends.


Robert said...

I too had a relaxing morning. My 8:00 was cancelled so I awoke early, went jogging, came home, ate breakfast, played, did some last minute homework, watched the construction outside our window.

I'm 30 years old and still fascinated at the sight of bull dozers and big tractors pushing dirt around.

Headed of to school now... bye!

Rachel said...

I love the name FIND for a scavenger hunt. Great idea.

Justin said...

I used to like peanut-butter and cheese sandwiches. Dang those were good!