Thursday, October 12, 2006


I don't like change.
No, I don't mean straying from the normal pattern. I mean that I don't like coin change. Quarters are okay, I guess, but you get lower than $.25, I don't want nothing to do with it.
I've often wondered how much spare change I actually have in my office/house/car, etc. Now, some of you may also know that I have been working for the past year or so on a rubber band ball. I use only "found" rubber bands, meaning that I don't go out and buy bags of rubber bands. The bands must be completely "discovered" in order to become part of my project.

Which do you see more of? Rubber bands or change? As you walk around, do you notice more loose rubber bands laying about or an abundance or pennies, nickels and dimes all over the place.

Here's the mission, Toddites:
For the next month, all of my faithful readers are being asked to collect and send me all of the rubber bands or change that they find.
For example...let's say you see a quarter laying on the flooboard of the car. Stick it in a Todd Jar. Do the same thing with rubber bands and then at the end of this month (10/31) send me all of the change and all of the rubber bands you've found.

After receiving your contributions, I will tally the results and we will see what's more prevalent - rubber bands or money.
Either way - TODD WINS!
Okay...committment time. Who's willing to do this with me? Or FOR me?


Robert said...

Can I just send you a check? I can't take all this groping.

Worthy Sinner said...

Sorry, but I am a Poor Pre-school worker who uses loose change at the end of the month. Sarah J.

Jinx said...

What an incredibly obscene way to try and get other people's money.....

I don't even know you anymore

Bluebird said...

I find mostly dog crap.

But I'm saving it up, in a jar...

for you.


Todd Wright said...

you're saving dog crap in a jar?

uh...what do you think refrigerators are for, Lance?

Bluebird said...

uh... the jar is packed in dry ice.