Tuesday, June 06, 2006

There's something really cool about Vacation Bible School.

As I dropped off Jonah for his first day of VBS at Carpenter's Way, I thought about the room I had just left.

There were kids everywhere, music, and tons of adults milling around laughing and playing with the kids.

It made me wonder - why do we blow their minds of these kids for one week a year and stuff them in some dull, drab classroom for the other 51? That's how it is around here for the most part. Maybe you all go to amazing churches with carnival-styled children's ministry that parties non-stop.

As I pulled out of the parking lot, I tried to think..."What keeps us from spending this much energy on kids ministry?" No doubt, our children's ministers would love this much life and celebration all year long...what's keeping us back?

I think it's volunteerism. I think we pull out all the stops at VBS because it's the only time we actually, realistically CAN because we finally have enough people to make the magic happen. Can this sort of thing be turned around? Is it possible to sway the masses of our congregants to a life of more service and more sacrifice? How do we do it? What's the problem with volunteerism? Why isn't it working?


Robert said...

A carnival-styled children's ministry huh? Mmmm, funnel cake, that's what the church needs more of, funnel cake!

Chris said...

Ask me about this sometime and I'll tell you about brown and green tile and carpet.