Sunday, May 21, 2006

Well, let's see...

I bought a lawn mower last night, so I was anxious to get up and get to work on the jungle that is my yard these days. Unfortunately, neighbors on both sides of the street were having garage sales, which meant everyone parked all over our yard. I did the back, ran the weed-eater a bit, then came in. Krist had a big baby shower to host, so she was gone by noon for some last minute errands. She got back just after one, then headed to the shower.

I took care of the kids until 6pm. I had a practice with my youth band who are playing Sunday morning. When I got there, I discovered that they had taken a bunch of gear the previous night without asking. (They played a battle of the bands.) I moved them all into a room and griped a bit, which seemed to upset them. It felt good!

Practiced until 8:30. Kristen got home at 10:30. Caught up with her, then went to the church to see what the heck was going on with my projection. (On Thursday, I lost a whole service's worth of presentation material.) Just before leaving work, I emailed mediaShout. I checked my email and the tech guy said to run the new update, which boasts better DVD playback capabilities. I did the update, which found my presentation. But there are 2 problems. Number One - I can't save that show. It's like the wrong format or something, so I have to open it, make whatever changes I need, then leave it open. Number Two - I've lost the ability to use mpeg backgrounds which totally sucks because I had a sweet motion background for this Sunday. I sent the boys at MediaShout another email, but won't hear back until Monday at least.

I've got my meeting with my praise team tomorrow. I'm nervous, but glad to start making some changes.