Thursday, May 18, 2006


1) I don't know if anybody else thought this, but both my wife and I thought that Claire's baby really looked like the psychic.

2) we know they were "testing" Walt. But Mrs. Klugh tells Michael that there had been a development and that he would have to go save Henry and bring the four survivors back. Here's my question - what was their original intent in bringing Michael there? (At that point, Henry Gale wasn't even captured.) To reunite him anyway? To test him, too? (Drawing blood?)

3.) Why Jack, Sawyer, Kate and Hurley?

4.) Who's on the boat? Kristen says it's Desmond. My out-there theory is that it's the boat that Michael requested - that the others are providing a way for everybody else to get off the island except the four people, Michael and Walt. However, the boat doesn't look big enough.

5.) I think Locke saw the boat before everybody else did. That's why he left.

6.) The way that Alex was talking to Kate in the flashback sure seemed calm. As if everything realy is okay.

7.) Eko has lost it.

There's a lot to theorize about, but the big debate to me is this:
Is the Island an experiment gone wrong/long or an experiment still valid and current?


Robert said...

Hey Todd, I watched LOST last night and I'm totally caught up to date on the plot and love the show!

Just kidding of course because that would be IMPOSSIBLE! How about a show that you don't have to watch all 56 episodes just to understand what in the heck is going on?

Todd Wright said...

Robert...can't talk...currently working on the LOST timeline I've sketched along the northern wall of my office.

Jack Shepherd
Kate Austen
James Ford
Hugo Reyes

Chris said...


Blake Stewart said...

Dude, I love this show more and more. I would love to theorize about what you said, but it's late and for some reason I want to sleep... I know its like 11pm (weird) But yes, just know the show is absolutely the best on TV. (all you other posers stop kidding yourselves)

Blake Stewart said...

Oh and props on bringing it up Wed in your sermon... For some reason I knew it was coming..