Wednesday, May 10, 2006

tonight's .5IVE set

Praise Adonai (C)
Make A Joyful Noise/I Will Not Be Silent (G)
No One Like You (G)
O Come Let Us Adore Him (G)


Robert said...

How did that go? That looks like it would have been hard to pull off?

Chris said...

it was fantastic. crowder tunes rock; oh and the twb is great and the singer.........well you know him.

Todd Wright said...

Hard to pull off? Do you know who I am?

Actually it was pretty cool. We had a break after "Adonai." Of course the crowder tunes work great back to back; to transition to "Come Let Us," we sang through the 'how could you be so good to me' as we slowed down. Then I went to G and just talked about that God was the only one worth adoration. As I did that, Justin Jinkins played the melody of "O Come" on an ebow. It was nice.