Friday, January 20, 2006

Thursday Thursday Thursday Thursday 1/19/06

The Wrights got up pretty early. Jonah woke up wide-awake at 6:15. Kristen did NOT want to get up, but she did. She tried to get him to go back to sleep, but it didn’t work. Thirty minutes later, I told her I would take over. She went back to bed while I dozed on the couch as Jonah played Pixter.

Came to work; didn’t deal with many files, but we did have a lot of calls. Working in the criminal section can be really depressing, especially for a father.

Krist got out her doctor’s appointment at 11, so we met for lunch. That’s right, friends. Del Rio. Is it possible for me to love that place anymore?

Came back to the office and sat around until my co-workers came back. Then I acted busy.

Went home at 5 for the crazy-Thursday rush. I have rehearsal on Thursday night, so I’ve usually got about an hour at home. The family made pancakes, I played with Jonah, grabbed a shower, bathed him and headed for the church.

Mark was late – no big surprise there. Rehearsal was okay. Mark’s snare was craaazy loud, but it was okay. Our piano player was gone, which created some gaps, so we did our best to fill them tastefully. We wrapped up the run-through around 8:45pm, but the band wanted to run through a couple of things. Justin and Angela showed up to setup for the Wesley retreat this weekend, so I got them started on some stuff. One cool thing about last night was our invitation song(s.) We’re currently in a series called “ipod God” – we’re looking at secular songs and trying to answer questions they ask. This week, we’re doing “Jesus, Take the Wheel” by Carrie Underwood. We’re just playing the CD in the service, but for the altar time, the band will play the chorus as the invitation – then we’re going into the chorus of “Not A god.” When we were doing it, one of our female singers was doing melody with me, so I just let her lead it.

After that, we set up the system for the retreat and make sure that the projection worked. I’m excited about the little percussion setup. Not sure if Justin Jinkins is still up for it – I hope he shows!
Got home at 11. Talked to Kristen for about an hour, then chilled and watched a little television.
Also had a Frosty “Fix and Mix.” It was good.


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Worthy Sinner said...

OK, did you put Tuesday on purpose or because you forgot what day it was? By the way keep the blog going I like to see how yall are doing.

Justin said...

So, the whole idea behind the "Fix and Mix" is to just add more, you can't beat the original Frosty.