Friday, January 20, 2006

Friday, 1/20/06

Slept a bit late; 7:15, maybe?
Threw on some clothes, made my PB toast and grabbed a Diet Coke for the drive downtown. Got to work plenty early and got to work right quick.

Jonah had a doctor's appointment at 9:30. That's the four-year checkup, folks. Yep. Six shots. So, Krist and Jonah pick me up and we head to the doctor's office. Jonah does okay. The nurse get a blood sample - he wasn't great, but he didn't freak. He peed in a cup, which was a first.

Dr. Fidone comes back in and examines Jonah. Jonah did great, but Fidone says he's got a piece of earwax in his right ear that's "the size of Detroit." He lays Jonah down and tries to dig it out. No luck. So he brings in a nurse with a water-pick. Thirty minutes later, Jonah is soaked, screaming and I've now seen something come out of my son's ear that looks more like a creation of my body than his.

No problem, right? Wrong. We still got the shots. The nurse was amazing - Krist and I dogpiled Jonah and she nailed him six times bam-bam-bam-bam-bam-bam. He did relatively well on that part.

Back to the office at 12:30 for a busy afternoon. Friday afternoon shouldn't be busy, you know?

Home at 5 to play with Jonah quickly. Kristen was at the hospital doing a non-stress test and I had to be at the Wesley retreat at 6.

Retreat was good. The acoustic-percussion-bass thing was great. The session was okay. I think they're still trying to figure out if I'm a freak or not. I hung out a bit and helped Justin and the band set up for tomorrow. I recorded my session - I'm anxious to see if I sound like a moron.

After the retreat, I went to Del Rio with Chris. That makes 2 times this week.

By the way, I just threw Cross of Christ and Promised One on These are the versions everybody's heard, but I hope to more out there soon.


Shelly said...

Like always they sound good.