Sunday, January 22, 2006

Saturday 1/21/06

Woke up around 6-ish. Ate breakfast and hung out with the family for a bit before heading out to day 2 of the Wesley worship retreat. Jonah and I wrapped Kristen's birthday presents, which made me a little late, but it didn't matter. Half of the people at the retreat weren't even awak when I pulled in the parking lot.

Our session got started late, went good and ran long. (I actually recorded all of the sessions, so if some of you would like to listen to me be brilliant, I'll be happy to share them.) We took a break. Instead of doing session 3, Romack needed to do some songbook work with his team and then they had lunch. I went up to the video room and tracked some acoustic for Glorify. Clay and Mike stopped by, then Clay and I went to lunch.

Came back at 1 for session 3. It was quick, but really fun. Then the band did a song workshop; they learned "All Praise and Honor." It went good. Luckily, it's a song that's easy to remember, and they worked really hard.

Got home just after 4, woke Jonah up from his nap and hung out until Kristen's party.

Went to the party at 5:45. Kristen got a ton of good gifts.

Came home, played with the youngun' and then put him to bed. We got a nice little rain shower. I kept switching between SNL and Mad TV. Went to bed at 11.


Jimmy Williams said...

Ok, wow, well I havent checked any blogs in 5 days! Thats a record for me! Sorry I dont have that studio ready, but it should be ready by 2023, so hang in there, its coming! Sounds like you have had a really busy week! Glad the fam is doing good! We really should get together sometime! Going to C3 conference this week! It is gonna rock! Headed to get a frosty (your so inspiring)! See ya!

Worthy Sinner said...

What is your defintion of a little rain shower?
Sarah J.