Sunday, June 05, 2011


Checkout of the hotel was noon, so naturally, we slept in and laid around until 11am before we ran around like crazy people trying to evacuate a bomb raid or something. (Why do we do that? Anybody else do that in hotels?)

We had the whole day left, so we figured we'd just goof off around Dallas. We drove over to Dealey Plaza (I'm a conspiracy guy), had lunch at Twisted Root (first time...loved it) and then went on a search for an Apple store. We ate desserts and walked around and had a super lazy Saturday afternoon.

Now, the bullets:

  • At Twisted Root, they give you a card instead of a number. On that card is the name of a celebrity. When the girl at the counter calls your "name", she makes a funny, culturally-relevant joke. As we waited on our food, I kept thinking, "Wow, you'd have to be pretty hip to have that job." Then I realized they probably use the same 50 cards over and over. That probably makes finding the jokes a bit more easy.

  • At the restaurant, I got a "Big Ass Burger". AND IT WAS. They also custom root beer that was the best thing I've ever tasted.

  • At a gas station, the attendant couldn't understand Kristen when she handed him the money. She actually had to say these words: " ten...equals thirty." Ain't that America?

  • There's nothing more frustrating than realizing your three minutes from a downtown Apple story only to drive up and find it covered in black because of a remodel.

  • As we drove into Northpark, Kristen and I realized we were going to Northpark mall. On a Saturday. The Apple store was packed to overflowing. Nearly didn't go in, but then I realized that was stupid.

  • I had a few realizations at the Apple store. First, Steve Jobs is RICH. Secondly, the dudes who work there are a little too proud of the Secret Service ear pieces they wear.

  • In the space of a ten-minute sales encounter, the clerk helping me mentioned his weight-lifting three times. I guess he was proving that we wasn't your "typical" Apple guy. Waste of time, dude, because I'm buying stuff here. I am that guy.

  • I referenced the Big Bang Theory to the clerk to which he instantly started talking all creepy about Kaley Cuocco. He knew a lot of stuff about her. When I mentioned that I follow her on Twitter, he gave me a weird fist-bump. Maybe he didn't hear the end and thought I said "I follow her."

  • On the way home, we stopped at the Tanger Outlet in Terrell. While Kristen shopped, I walked around and discovered the "Visitor Center." Did you know that Visitor Center has a TV room with a couch? There was a dad in there asleep! Why has it taken me years to find this place? I could have been sleeping the whole time!

  • This was our third day without kids. As much as we enjoyed being together, three days felt like our limit. We were ready to see them!