Thursday, February 17, 2011

Today, I'm Thankful For...

Spin Doctors
C'mon. You remember the Spin Doctors. I'm proud to say that was a tried & true fan of this band. I even bought the crappy records. (Yeah, they had a few.) But a few days ago, I fired up Pocket Full Of Kryptonite on Rhapsody and I can't get enough. I don't think I ever realized how much sound was created by a three-piece band back in the day. Especially on the first record, where there was very little overdubbing.

Yes, they are fun to jump on. But they're even more fun to banish your kids to while you and the wife sit in a quiet house drinking Diet Dr. Pepper. Added benefit? Kids are exhausted and go to sleep quicker. Oh, sure, it always seems like the kids come in way too soon, but heck...five minutes of togetherness with the wife is sometimes gift enough. Physical exercise that gets your kids away from you for a moment or two? Perfect storm in my opinion.

My wife's laughter at news bloopers.
The woman I'm married to loves a good news blooper. Or a bad one. Nothing brings her more joy that the delightfully ridiculous jabber than comes from news media banter. What's better is that she can remember every single one of them. She's like an encyclopedia of awkwardness.

Red Velvet Cookies
Until today, I'd never seen anything like these cookies. At Bethel's Bible Study for women, Kristen called me over. "Here," she said. "Try one of these cookies." So I ate one. And then I grabbed three more. We all know I struggle with sweets, but my can I not celebrate God-given culinary creativity like red velvet cake cookies! (I think it's a good general rule to be thankful for all things red velvet...even velvet.)


Liz said...

Holy wow!

I LOVE red velvet cake. And I LOVE cake mix cookies. That's gotta be a rockin' combination!