Friday, January 21, 2011


SATURDAY, 1/15/11
Ended Friday without exercising, but that's the way it goes. Finally got to gym Saturday afternoon for a quick workout. Didn't have my normal window of time, so modified my approach.

Did a fast 20 minute run that came in just over 2.1 miles. Then went to the weight machines for more 'backward training.' I really like the backward training - it does produce results VERY fast, but it's not the most convenient way to work since it means staying on one machine for a long time. (Other folks don't like waiting for you...)

The weight is still coming off, but a bit slower since I've had a couple of days of restaurant, high-salt, high-deliciousness foods. Feeling good, though. Cravings aren't all that bad. Usually when I'm freaking out for a sugar, a little granola bar or something is enough to tide me over. (Luckily, I haven't consumed a whole box of them, yet!)

MONDAY, 1/17/11
Went in early (for me) to work to knock some stuff out. Got a haircut with the family and then we all headed to the gym. It was a holiday and the place was packed! Had a little less than an hour, so I did 2.1 miles on the treadmill @ 20 minutes and then did three rounds of weights. Couldn't do the backward training because of the crowd, but felt really good after the weight lifting. I can tell a difference.

Had two brownies Sunday night. And they were DELICIOUS.

WEDNESDAY, 1/19/11
Didn't go to the gym, so after youth Wednesday night, I laced up the sneaks and headed outside. (Haven't run outside in a few weeks due to extreme cold. And the fact that I suck at it.) Did twenty minutes. Didn't focus much on distance, but overall, I ran it much faster than before. I think the treadmill work and the pounds I've dropped made that happen.

Doing good on the sweets thing. My family has sent me to the store for 'treats' the last two days and I have been strong!

FRIDAY, 1/21/11
Got to the gym. Did one of the "programs" on the treadmill. It was a 30 minute run with all sorts of speed and incline variations. About halfway through, I started zero-ing out the incline every time we up a was hard enough to run fast! I don't need hills, too!

After that, did weights for about 20 minutes.

Feeling the no-sugar attitude. Want to crawl into a gallon of Blue Bell and eat my way out of it.