Sunday, January 16, 2011

1/16/11 @ Bethel Bible Church

Nasty, rainy Sunday, but two solid crowds at Bethel. Kinda' exciting! Had a good day of worship - after Thursday's rehearsal, I felt really relaxed going in. The team knew the music and were playing lots of cool creative stuff. (We like to improvise!)

We love this Ross King tune at Bethel. Have to say that team really owned this one. We played the intro a bit longer for folks to walk-in, get a seat, all that, but for the most part, it was our standard arrangement. Really thought this one came off with a lot of power.

I rarely do a song two-weeks in a row (unless it's new,) but had so much fun with this one last week, I had to bring it back. During second service, I had Ray (electric guitar) start this one RIGHT after the first song and the energy in the whole block of music was great. Bethel does a great job with country-pop grooves like this one. For some reason, this song is always easy to "hear." If folks in the crowd are singing, I can always hear it in this tune.

BRAND NEW DAY (Poythress, Baloche, Cartee)
We did this one without the "slide" part, but it worked nonetheless. We stretched the instrumental break out to include mandolin and organ, which was very nice. Early on, we struggled with tempo on this one, but it's feeling really comfortable now. Often, fast or upbeat worship tunes are all energy and no focus, but it seems as if this one lands with Bethel. Ends up being a great transition song for us - allowing us to celebrate and then move into slower, softer musical arrangements.

In all of our run-throughs, this one never quite felt right. There's a lot of delayed, droney layers to this song that are hard to pull off live. However, in both services, this one seemed to get better. It's a great lyric to sing and our people dig it. I missed a vocal thing in first service, but otherwise, really strong work from everybody!

TO CHRIST THE LORD (Stennett, Indelible Grace)
I was a little concerned about doing a hymn with five verses and very little dynamic lift, but this one came off great. Kristen sang the lead vocal and did a great job with it. Had folks sit down for it, so it was a bit of a "performance" piece, but we'll bring it back next week.