Friday, November 26, 2010


SATURDAY, 11/20/10
Got out Saturday morning and ran a little. Didn't time anything, just did three times around the neighborhood. Probably around the 25 minute mark, but who's counting, right?

MONDAY, 11/22/10
Cranked up my Sunday set playlist and went out for a run. Was aiming for 37 minutes (which would be my outdoor record,) but at 36:30, I thought, why don't I just run an extra three minutes and make it 40?

So I did.

And I felt fantastic.

WEDNESDAY, 11/24/10
If I haven't said it before (and I think I have), I HATE running in the mornings.
There's some scientific evidence that morning workouts yield better results, but I'm have so much more energy at night time. Guess that comes with being a night owl.

Since the afternoon was slated for traveling, I got out and ran in the very humid morning. My original plan was to do 25 minutes (I'm not dumb enough to try 40 twice in a row!) As it happened, I hit 25 at the top of a hill and figured I'd burn a couple of minutes at least letting gravity help out. And let's be honest - once you hit 27 minutes, why not just push it right?

So, I finished the morning with thirty minutes. I didn't feel nearly as exhilarated as the Monday night run, but I was glad I did it. On days I run in the AM, I'd like to see if I've still got enough juice for evening running, too, but I'm not sure my knees would cooperate.

THURSDAY, 11/25/10
Another morning run...ugh...but at least I got out there.

I did a 35 minute run around the neighborhood. I was ready to straight-up quit at 20 minutes, but I kept on. Was worried about legs not cooperating two days-in-a-row but it was alright.

Still getting that occasional giddy feeling that I can run 35 minutes now. Don't want to forget those days where I couldn't even go 10 minutes. I realize that I've been doing this for half-a-year and my progress isn't near as fast as a normal person, but I'm not giving up. I'm. not. giving. up.

FRIDAY, 11/26/10
It was freezing and threatening rain Friday morning, but since I had two bowls of ice cream right before bed, I felt it was probably necessary.

Decided to do a shorter run and put in 25 minutes. Didn't stress much about the time - lately, I've been listening to our Sunday setlists when I exercise so I used this morning run to make sure I wasn't forgetting anything to sing or play on Sunday morning.