Friday, July 16, 2010

I Promise I'm Not Weird...

Let's start off with this premise, okay?

Nobody's Normal.

We've all got stuff that makes us, shall we say..."different." For many of us, these things aren't all that bad. That's why I'm writing a post entitled I Promise I'm Not Weird wherein I reveal parts of my life that might be perceived as odd by some folks. When you're done reading, I don't want you to comment, though. I want you to head over to your blog or Facebook wall and share your own I-PROMISE-I'M-NOT-WEIRD confessions.

  • I need to take off my shoes & socks at least once a day. Nothing drives me more crazy than wearing socks and shoes from morning to night. I often need a little barefoot-time in the middle of the day. I promise I'm not weird.

  • I hate sports but love to listen to sports talk radio. I'm guessing this means that sports show serve as my own personal white noise since I'm relatively uninterested in and completely ignorant of the issues discussed on these shows. I promise I'm not weird.

  • I hate to 'jam.' Playing music is a big part of my life, but I can't stand to be a part of long, rambling musical improv sessions with no end goal. Jamming in a rehearsal is okay, since there's a point to what we're doing, but as far as showing up at somebody house to just play non-stop for hours...not for me. I promise I'm not weird.

  • I get sucked into shows on E! quicker than any other network. I realize that the CEO of the E! channel has to be Satan and that these shows have zero moral value...but that doesn't stop me from thinking, "Oooh, Kardashian marathon!" I promise I'm not weird.