Wednesday, June 30, 2010


THURSDAY, 6/24/10
My nightly camp in Palestine put a complete death grip on the running. The late nights on the road coupled with a few morning appointments added up to one very tired dude who couldn't find a good time to run. Oh, that and the fact that it's 100 degrees by 10am every day.

Finally got to run on Thursday. Surprisingly, I ran for a longer amount of time (16 min.) and ran faster overall than I have been. I was feeling pretty great about myself until my wife reminded me that I was running after a giant rainstorm that had cooled things down and covered the sun with clouds. Who cares? I ran 16 minutes!

SATURDAY, 6/26/10
Had a lazy Saturday, but knew I needed to run. We slept in, Krist & Jonah were at a birthday party most of the afternoon and Finley essentially napped, watched Brady Bunch and made a mess of the living room. (She is her father's daughter...)

Finally got out to run around 7:30pm. Changed up the route again to fight the monotony. Timed myself on each lap around the neighborhood and found that lap 2 was faster than the first. I figured I'd be dragging by the second lap around, but I was a few seconds quicker! Again, noticed that I was hitting a longer distance within the 15 minutes and tacked on another minute so I could hit 16 again. Adding one minute a week seems like really slow progress, but you do what you can do, right?

MONDAY, 6/28/10
I wanted to run a bit later at night, but as the day shaped up, I had a narrow window. Which meant running at 5:30pm. You know, you tend to think that 1pm is the hottest point of the day. Turns out - it's at 5:30pm.

I did the run and even ran 17 minutes! Hard regimen, but going even farther than my normal run (in suffocating heat) felt pretty great...once I was done!