Saturday, April 24, 2010

Friday Play By Play

Alarm was set for 6:30, but I utilized the snooze button until just before 7 when Finley woke up. Went to get her out of bed and hopefully let Jonah sleep a little bit more. He had a late night on Wednesday so we were trying to let him get some extra rest Thursday night.

Got Jonah ready for school and threw on some clothes. Opted to take Finley with me so we could grab her a donut on the way back from school. Dropped Jonah off and then pointed the car back toward home with a stop or two for breakfast; I got Whataburger and Fin got a donut (chocolate iced...which she only the top of.)

Back home, Finley watched A Goofy Movie, which she still loves more than life itself. Every once in awhile, I'll remember taking my brother to see A Goofy Movie at the theater and it's always weird; never would have thought back then that one day I'd have a daughter who watched the same movie. Life always surprises, huh? While Fin watched the movie, I did some reading while Krist got to sleep in. (Yeah, yeah, yeah...I'm a sweetie. I know.)

After about an hour of screaming and begging, Kristen finally got out of bed and I laid down. Yep...big fan of the morning nap. No shame in my game.

So when my little rest time was done, we headed to the gym. Kristen keeps asking me to do "Body Pump" with her, but I'm a little scared to try it. The idea of throwing up in a room full of women who exercising away isn't that appealing to me. I ran on the treadmill and then did some time in the weight room. (Today's exercise music was the new album by Deluge. Really dig the music. Lyrics could be a bit more deep, but I like the art rock texture of the whole project.)

We were at the gym for an hour or so and then headed out. We grabbed Finley some lunch, then hit Wal-Mart and headed home. At that point, Krist remembers that Jonah's karate uniform needs to be picked up. (We had to get his name printed on the back.) So we turn back around and pick it up. We headed back toward the house and stopped for a little fast food. Got home just long enough to sit down, check email and such before heading out to pick up Jonah from school.

Jonah was especially pumped about coming home as a new video game from had come in the mail. (I probably should do a full post on why we joined GameFly at some point.) Jonah, Fin and I hung out at home while Kristen made a grocery run.

Little more lounging and then we got ready. Krist and Jonah headed out for karate lessons and Finley and I went to the Discover Bethel party at the Hager house. It was great and Kristen & Jonah even got to swing by. We got home around 10. Finley was asleep by the time we pulled in the driveway and Jonah was out not long after. I stayed up for awhile working some and goofing off online.

Went to bed around midnight. As days off go, it was a pretty good one.