Tuesday, December 01, 2009

7 Things That Mac People Do That Drive PC People Crazy

I feel fortunate that I have friends in both the Mac and PC camps.
There are benefits to both forms of computing and I tend to think we can all get along.
But Mac people tend to be...
How shall we say it...

So, for all you Mac folks out there, I'd like to offer this list of things you might be doing that cause your PC friends to hate your guts. If you're doing these, try, you know...stopping.
  1. Always argue when someone says that Macs have problems, too. Use a lot of stories about when you used PCs and all the horrible things that happened. Be prepared for an argument anytime the issue of computers is brought up.

  2. Retweet, share, re-post and talk about every single Apple "unveil" that happens. (Seems like unveil some new product every two months.) Use every means necessary to make sure all your friends know that you're in the know about new Apple products. Constantly.

  3. Play down how expensive Macs are. Don't acknowledge that they are ridiculously priced and that the Mac demographic is pretty predictable.

  4. Use that Mac sticker. As much as possible.

  5. Ignore good, clever, expertly done PC marketing.

  6. Act like folks should just give up if they're trying to do music or video on a PC. (You're wrong, by the way. Some of the best things you've seen and heard in your life were made on a PC.)

  7. Hide the fact that you still use PC elements. (Parallels, etc.) Behave as if Macs are perfect.


rk said...

thank you todd. as a proud user of both formats (i have a mac mini and an iPhone, as well as a dell laptop), i can say with confidence that both have their advantages. but until mac starts marketing their product to anyone but rich, volvo-driving, starbucks-drinking white people, I'll be keeping my PC.

I especially like your points about mac people always redirecting the argument any time someone mentions a mac breaking down or underperforming, and about the difference in cost. it's sort of amazing to me that mac is getting away with this. of course macs perform better. they're 2-3 times the cost. it's like comparing a honda and a mercedes. a mercedes performs better. of course it does. it had better, for what it costs.

Imagine someone talking bad about a mercedes, only to have someone else say, "well, my honda broke down tons more than my mercedes and it didn't go near as fast. I mean, a mercedes is just a better made car." Uh. yes.

FOR 2-3 TIMES THE COST, you can get a better car. Who knew?

forgive me for ranting a bit. just wait until your mac friends show up.

Robert Conn said...

Spoken like a true Mac-head trying to downplay his enormous love for Macs by reaching out to the PC community. Brilliant Todd, brilliant.

Now go play on your Mac some more.

Artie said...

I have found that Mac people are like ... nevermind..I'll make too many people mad...

Lisa@BlessedwithGrace said...

How funny. It is all so true. I have both. I have an iMAC and my laptop is a PC. So, I get a little schizophrenic sometimes.

Robert Conn said...

I’m sorry if this makes me sound like... uh... JERKISH but here's my point of view. I've used PCs ever since they have been available to the public. I've edited videos, designed web sites, and Photoshopped just about everything on both a PC and Mac.

There is no comparison between a PC and a Mac. Mac's are more stable, run faster, and do what you want them to do the first time with no "are you sure you want to do this?" popup messages.

I've had Windows systems crash on me more times than I can think and while my Mac has crashed (maybe only twice) it was nowhere near as damaging to the system or time consuming to get back up and going. Macs aren’t perfect no! But if there were a linear scale they’d be a lot farther to the good side if you know what I mean. But this is strictly speaking from a performance standpoint.

Simply put, Macs make the complicated simple. (no more searching for the original disk while installing drivers and no more watching your computer load all 1,500 .dll files into an imaginary folder that you’ll never see again just to install a new piece of software.

Macs are crazy expensive. But it kind of comes with the territory like Ross was stating. You kind of know what you’re getting into. Paying $1000 for an entry level Mac is not too far-fetched. Sure you could buy a PC for $200 but they are not comparable units.
I don't get it. No one complains anymore that Starbucks coffee is 4x the price as regular coffee. You know why? Cause its awesome! Plus we know with a cup of Starbucks joe we're getting more than a simple cup of coffee. We're getting all kinds of stuff like the aroma of walking into the store, the rush from saying words like 'macchiato’ and ‘venti half caff,’ the simple pleasure of seeing those Christmas cups for the first time this year, etc. You think I’m lying? See what runs through your mind next time they run out of cardboard sleeves for your cup... you’ll feel like you’re being cheated on. Macs are kind of like that.

Note about the Mac Subculture: (I do think those dweebs who pull out there Macs and position them in order that everyone sees that have a Mac are pretty much cornballs, just like the goofs that wait to drink their Grande Lattes till they show up to work or church just so they can flaunt their recent purchase). I’m like seriously? The closest Starbucks is 30 minutes from here and you want me to believe you pulled that hot off the counter? Yeah right. Not for me man... that Grande Mocha lasts all of about 2 minutes in my hands. But I digress.

(for the record I’ve never ordered a venti half-caff anything).

wjcollier3 said...

Todd, this may be the greatest, most insightful post you have ever written! My two and a half year old Toshiba notebook running Windows Vista Home Premium has NEVER crashed. I do take care of it and don't download a lot of crap I don't need. Could it be that is one of the keys? I can do everything I want to do on my PC. Why would I pay three times as much just so I could have the status symbol? For what it's worth, I don't like Starbucks, either. I don't like the smell or the red cups at Christmastime or the pretentious names for COFFEE.