Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Trying to work my Netflix queue down to 5 movies w/o adding any.

I wouldn't consider myself a die-hard Woody Allen fan by any stretch, but I tend to enjoy his stuff.

A while back, I caught an old commercial for "Sleeper" and had to check it out.

I'll be honest...I'm not much of a send-it-back type of guy. Even if a movie is dumb, I'll probably finish it. But I gotta' say, Sleeper was just that. Seriously debated throwing it right back in the mail-box, but I made a commitment to this process and I'm going to honor that commitment. That's the way I was raised, church.

It's funny...Allen is as self-deprecating as always and who doesn't love young Diane Keaton, right? But the story line is just way too foolish for me. Another huge distraction was the fast-paced, jangly jazz soundtrack that exploded on and off screen throughout the movie. In most cases, the songs didn't even 'end;' they just stopped cold as the next scene started.

The movie felt long and wasn't really funny enough to sustain its length. I could have used more of Woody Allen's one-liners and less dumb sci-fi (or should I say 'SyFy') posturing.

If you've somehow made it your life's mission to see everything Allen has created in his career, go ahead and get it. Otherwise, steer clear.