Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Perchance to dream...

I love to hear people talk about their dreams.

But understand, I'm not talking about "vision." I'm not speaking of when folks tell me their goals and plans for work or family or ministry.

No, I'm talking about those wild, fanciful, crazy ideas that have been in our heads as long as we can remember...those things that we long to do someday.

For some, it's an idea they've carried since childhood. For others, it's something that's recently ignited their passion.

I've got tons of these, but I'll share a few.
1. Create and produce an independent film. 2. Write a book. 3. Have a song published by a major label.

To some of you, those might seem weird dreams to nurture, but they are huge to me!

So, what's yours?

What are some of your crazy, off-the-wall dreams? Share a few with us!


Tom McKeand said...

I have always wanted to race in Alaska's Iditarod. It would just be the coolest to be the first Texan to win it.

Scott said...

I would love to be a chaplain for a pro sports team and travel to northern china

PBN said...

What a great question! My dream was always to write (and be good enough at it to get paid for it).

And now my dream is for my son to (at some point) find his passion and as an adult have a healthy, happy marriage.