Friday, November 07, 2008

BRO. LOU Remix...

About two weeks into our arrival to Tyler, my buddy Chris posted THIS BLOG.

Chris works in Tyler from time-to-time and he called me shortly after his "Bro. Lou" sighting. He asked me if I knew who this guy was...I said no.

We had a good laugh about it...mostly about how long it took Chris to import a picture from his phone into his blog, but the most fun was trying to guess where "Bro. Lou" went to church. (I have pretty good Denominational Vision...I can usually guess a person's denomination within a two-minute span.) Having no direct experience w/ Bro. Lou, I wasn't able to make a guess, but it made for a very fun phone call. Well, fun for two nerds like me and Chris. Chris, a good Methodist, made all sorts of guesses - mostly in the charismatic vein, I believe.

And then, it happened.

A few nights ago, I'm driving through the great town of Gresham, TX (just down the road from our house) and he passes me.

Yes. Bro. Lou, himself.

I started shouting "That's Bro. Lou! Oh my gosh! Bro. Lou! That's him...I gotta' call Chris."

My wife is used to these outbursts, but she still looked at me with a disgusted will-you-shut-up face. Par for the course.

And just as I'm about to call Chris, Bro. Lou puts on his blinker. To turn into a church.

Lane's Chapel United Methodist Church.

A Methodist...can you believe that?

Therefore, I am creating the Bro. Lou Club. If you are in the Tyler area and you experience a Bro. Lou sighting, you must contact me. You can comment randomly on a blog post, email me ( or even call me. (If you're lucky enough to have my number, yo.)

Let's be on the lookout for this mysterious Smith County creature, Tyler-ites. It'll be fun!

By the way...if you know Bro. Lou, please let me know! I'd love to meet him!


ross said...

this is hilarious!

chrismaroon said...

Hey Ross,

Does this make you want to at least put a lift kit on your car and get a new license plate with BRO ROSS on it?

Todd Wright said...

Found out yesterday that "Lou Gary Thomas" is the pastor of Lane's Chapel UMC!

Can't wait to meet this guy...

Anonymous said...


I know Bro. Lou personally. He actually lived in Lufkin a very long time ago. Lanes Chapel is growing at a phenomenal rate. His sister was a part of the church I served in Tyler...and they are some of my closest friends.

Anyway, email me at FCC, Lufkin, and I'll tell you more. I can defintely make the introduction happen.

Mike Hunter