Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I love David Mamet. In fact, The Spanish Prisoner and Heist are two of my favorite movies in the world!

His writing style takes some getting used to, but I think his movies are so engaging and memorable. His other notable works include The Untouchables, Glengary Glen Ross, Wag The Dog, The Unit (TV series,) and tons of other great stuff.

This summer, I realized that I had missed opened the day after Iron Man, which probably wasn't the most fortunate release date. I caught the trailer online and immediately added it to my Netflix "queue."

I finally watched it Tuesday night and it was riveting.

I'm telling you - this movie is fantastic. It's got all the Mamet trademarks: choppy, realistic dialogue, conspiracy, great pacing and direction of actors. But this film's also got a ton of heart. It's a film about integrity and character in a world infested with greed and self-preservation.

Who would think this cerebral, often borderline neurotic writer/director could take a film about mixed martial arts and turn into an epic statement about sacrifice.

I also thought the fight scenes were so brilliant in this thing...really well thought-out and very realistic.

This may sound silly, but I think REDBELT accomplishes what so many fight films have failed to pull off. If all of that sounds like something you'd dig, I encourage you to check it out.


Jeff said...

Did you get it at the Redbox? Get it?