Monday, October 06, 2008 back!

"PROPS" is really one of my favorite blog themes to work on. It gives me a chance to brag on people I care about and, hopefully, introduce them to some of you out there who just tend to land here occasionally.

Today's PROPS go to Chris Caraway.

I first met Chris while playing a one-night gig at First Methodist Lufkin. The worship deal was for the youth, but the FUMC praise band wandered in like a bunch of worship junkies.

If I remember correctly, Chris was standing at the back of the group and said,

"You play any Rich Mullins?"

And that's when I knew we were gonna' be friends. So here's why Chris is gets PROPS:

1. He's the most generous, helpful, modest sound engineer I've ever met. There for awhile, I thought all sound guys were required to be jerks...but Chris cured me of that. I also think it helps if your sound guy is a former member of the armed forces.

ME: "Hey, Chris...think you can find a way to mount this video camera in the soundroom and run a direct audio line into from the secondary video sound board?"

CHRIS: "I'll figure something out."

And he does.

2. He's a servant. So far, I've asked Chris to play guitar and bass, sing, run sound, burn CDs and manage a whole host of things that are not glamorous at all. And he has done them all with a great attitude.

3. The CD. Not many folks know this, but Chris Caraway is the reason "All The Freed" came to be. He raised money, encouraged people to support it, listened to all my ideas, helped me make important decisions regarding the record and was my cheerleader throughout the whole process. Sure, he got to eat Freebirds as part of the deal, but I think he mostly did it because he's my friend.

4. He's stepped up. When all the stuff at Bethel Bible started happening, Chris knew about it. He knew it would change everything at First Methodist. He knew it would add distance to our friendship and bring about some transition at our home church, but he supported me the whole time. And then, when I decided to take it, he stepped up to fill my worship leader shoes. Knowing that Chris is there leading that congregation in praise is a great comfort to me as I pursue this new adventure in Tyler that God's called me to.

5. He loves the church. Chris Caraway has been a member of First Methodist for a long-time. He's seen good times and...not-so-good times. But he's been faithful. He has served in countless ways with a fantastic attitude.


david said...

i second everything todd has to say about chris. my cd is forth coming.

Artie said...

I have been through so much with this man and he is no doubt a wonderful, hard working, humble, versitile, gracious guy. Most importantly he is a lover of Christ and a lover of the Body of Christ.

Cap that all off with the fact that he is a Fightin' Texas Aggie you can't go wrong with this guy.

He really is a pretty good song writer in his own right too. He's just too humble to admit it. I also love singing God of Wonders and Be Glorified with him (along with hundreds of other worship tunes).

Love you man.

Wish we had more time together.

Angela said...

Chris is awesome! He always seems to have a smile on his face.

Adam said...

If anyone deserves props..its Chris. He is one of the most genuine guys i know. Ive really enjoyed playing at FUMC and alot of it is because of him. Chris is one of those people who really listen to what you say. The dude just has a good heart.....and lets be real...he can run some mean sound...
So Props Chris!