Sunday, October 05, 2008

Birthday Recap!

Todd's Birthday Recap! from Todd Wright on Vimeo.


Shelly Conn said...

Kristen got her some "Sugar" Butt!

That was one of the funniest video's!

Nonna said...

Great garage sale find (Twister) for 50 cents.

Nonna said...

Great garage sale find (Twister) for 50 cents.

chrismaroon said...

Where to even begin?

1) That is one (really 2 I guess) cake eatin' family. I am coveting me some cake now.

2) Jonah couldn't eat corn on the cob if he had to. He's losing teeth like I'm losing hair.

3) I was glad to provide some flip video email support.

4) See Shelly's comment. That says it all.

Looked like a great day.

carol said...

my son-in-law will not be having another birthday! By the way, I won!!

Kandice said...

and I thought having to act out the Christmas story at the in-laws was bad!!! Twister..haven't played that in awhile!!!

Artie said...

That was laugh out loud funny... Glad you got your wish.. hope my email helped.. I notice you're using vimeo more..give me your feedback on it.. likes/dislikes etc.

I haven't forgotten about our eats video..just distracted.

I like your cake assortments..